We manufucture and trade various color fancy diamonds as solitaires and calibrated seive sizes. We fulfill the global market demand for rosecut diamonds and fancy diamonds for mass produced jewellery as well as unique designer jewellery.

We deal in all types, shades and shapes of diamonds including diamond briollete drops.

We specialise in flat diamonds of all grades. We supply flat diamonds of different colors in lots. Our flat diamonds are available in free sizes and irregular shapes.

Rose Cut Diamonds
Rose cuts has various nomenclature attatched with it. Each name has its own significance as there is a variation in the cut pattern. They are the Antwerp Rose Cut, Dutch Rose Cut and Crowned Rose Cut, Senaille cut, Briollete Cut and the Full Holland cut. Rose Cut is a very special and traditional cut which has been in demand since ancient times and has great recognition and acceptence world wide. Rose looks like as if the diamond is cut upside-down, they are cut in a manner in which it flat at the base. The crown is domed shaped and the facets meet at a point in the center. There are different facet variations in this cut. It can form a single hemisphere with 24 facets or it can be two back-to-back hemispheres. This particular cut is the Double Dutch Rose that has 48 facets. Much in vogue is also a special cut called the "Senaille Cut" that has irregular/non-symmetrical facets. The "Briolette Cut" is one of the versions of Double Dutch Rose cut but in this one of the hemispheres is slightly elongated.
Fancy Color Diamonds

We deal in Rosecuts, Brilliant Cuts, Diamond Drops, Flat Diamonds and Fancy Color Diamonds.
Rose Cut
Rosecut is very symetrical and has either 24 or 48 facets and it tapers on top.
Senaille Cut
It is a typical cut given to avoid inclussions and attain maximum caratage. In this the facets are non-symetrical and are irregular in shape and size. It is beautifully used mainly in necklaces that gives an ethnic and traditional feel.
Briollete Cut
This is a variety of rose cut and is very simillar to Double Dutch cut with one of its hemispheres is little stretched and elongated. Briolletes in all shapes like ovals and pears is quite in demand.

Fancy Color Diamonds
The colored diamonds are called the Fancy diamonds . They are available in variety of rich colors. The brilliance in the color diamonds is amazing. The natural fancy color diamonds are quite rare to source. Most of the colored diamonds that are available on the market are irradiated colors. This is achieved using variety of laboratory and scientific techniques.
The price points of fancy diamond varies on the basis of various aspects of the diamond like the hue and intensity of the diamond, It also depends upon the cut and the carat weight. These days fancy diamonds are quite popular and are in vogue.
Under the natural environment the fancy colors are formed due to the impurities. Natural fancy diamonds attract a considerably higher price point mainly because of its rair availability. The colors in fancy diamonds is mainly because of nitrogen and boron as they are used for irradiation techniques of coloring the diamonds under standard scienfic laboratory processes of processing color diamonds

Diamond Beads
Diamond beads are of different cuts, colors, shades, quality and graduations. We supply some of the finest Diamond beads. We fullfill the market demand globally and provide some of the best diamond beads in all shapes, sizes, cuts and colors.