Rose Cut is a special and traditional cut which is in vogue and is much in demand since ancient. This particular cut that appears to be cut upside-down has a worldwide recognition and acceptence. In this cut the crown is domed shaped and the facets are rendered to meet at a point in the center on top side.

We manufacture some of the finest precious stones and are the global suppliers for emeralds, all types of sapphires and ruby's. Our skilled craftmanship is expressed on each piece we lapider. For bulk prices on standard, callibrated and free sizes use our quick price request tool.

Our colorstones and diamonds are very reasonably priced. We provide certificates for each colorstone / diamond in our certified colorstone / diamonds gallery. You can request for prices of those diamonds which you like from our gallery. Each piece under this section will carry a certificate from our associated authorities for certification.

About EuroGems s.r.l.

The members of EuroGems s.r.l. are dedicated to deliver fine colorstones and rosecut diamonds. We have been manufacturing and dealing in Diamonds mainly Rose Cut Diamonds, Fancy Diamonds and different Precious Gemstones since decades. Under the expert guidance and mentoring in the field of Diamond Trading and Gemstone Manufacturing by the senior members in the family, Mr. Pushpendra Agarwal has been successfully satisfying wholesale buyers and gem collectors with finest Rosecuts Diamonds, Fancy Diamonds and Precious Gemstones like, Rubies, Emeralds, Sapphires.

Mr. Pushpendra Agarwal after finishing his graduation in Business Adminstration from London started learning the finer aspects of the trade. His keen interest towards the trade, diamonds and gemstones with a strong learning curve and an inclination towards the Business has been a great contribution. He is continuously imparting a sincere effort to provide finest services to the esteemed customers of EuroGems s.r.l. and has giving a new dimension to EuroGems s.r.l. with a mission to move with the trends.

EuroGems s.r.l deals in the follow:

  • Rose Cut Diamonds
  • Fancy Diamonds
  • Diamond Beads
  • Emeralds
  • Rubys
  • Sapphires
  • Emerald Beads
  • Ruby Beads
  • Sapphire Beads
  • Multi Sapphire Beads

EuroGems s.r.l. has an international repute in providing precious gemstones, gemstone beads, diamonds with rosecuts, diamond beads and fancy diamonds at rationally reasonable prices.

Our Office:
EuroGems s.r.l. has offices in Milano, Napoli and Velenza in Italia.

The main office is located in Milano -
Via G.Mazzini, 12 - 20123 Milano-Italia.

For Wholesale Trade Inquiry for any of your precious stone, rosecut diamonds and fancy diamonds requirement you may contact us using our contact form